“Stop extracting ground water”

Photographer: Pushkar khanal

Day by day Shortage of water in Kathmandu valley making life miserable and complicated. Daily life of its dwellers have been surrounded pathetic rush for water. Life of metro consumes 94 million liters during dry season and 131 million liters in wet season per day, statistics of valley drinking water limited reveals it. Limited is incapable of supplying water according to its demand as it is stated to have requirements of 350 million liters of water per day. In such a critical shortage, supplying with under water through deep boring plant appears to be dominant and feasible alternative in the city and its areas. Housing, colonies, star hotels, industries and even well to do families relayed upon grounded water. Thousands of deep boring pumps have been set up around valley. Extraction of ground water not only for personal use but also the commercial purpose in uncontrolled manner generating adverse effects in hydro geology. Delicate law suit and improper permit for deep boring plant encouraging profit motive water business and massive abuse of fossil water. According to expert level of ground water has gone 20 meters down because of its inadequate and massive exploitation. Depleting ground water level could bring serious disaster in upcoming and it cannot be replenished, underground water will be shut up one day. strict rules and regulation should future as expert insists to reduce dependency upon ground water and find out alternatives. Extracting fossils waters lead into the subsidence of land, brings serious catastrophe in hydro geo structure and even in the eco system. As the supply of underground water is limited be implemented to control l over dependency upon ground water. Policy offering sustainable management of underground water and finding other alternatives can compensate today’s problem. One serious alternative can be plantation and conservation of the forests around Kathmandu valley and utilizing and distributing its water resources in adequate manner. The long term vision and plan should be made to insure and solve the drinking water scarcity of the valley. By : Pushkar Khanal